Skate FY12/06

Описание Полное описание

  • To be used for heavy objects while its moving,which makes the movement much more easier;
  • Use heavy duty sealed bearings to spread around the loading and ensure the ease of movement;
  • Use best nylon wheels to protect the floors from damage;
  • The skate roller is maintenance-free and can be fitted with handles for carrying;
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Подробное описание

Model FY12 FY06
Capacity(ton) 12 6
Load Wheels 8 6
Wheel Size Φ115×60(mm) Φ83×60(mm)
4.5×2.4(inch) 3.3×2.4(inch)
Skate Size 400×345×145(mm) 327×250×107.5(288×1082)(mm)
15.7×13.6×5.7(inch) 12.9×9.8×4.2(11.3×42.6)(inch)
Weight(kg) 40(kg) 20.50(kg)
88(lb) 45(lb)

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