TE10 & T10

Описание Полное описание

  • The T E10 / T 10 is the entry into the electric tow- tractor environment.
  • The smart and very compact design of the T E10 allows easy pulling operations in low duty applications on short distances, while the T 10 is designed for medium applications on short to medium distances.
  • Pulling supermarket trolleys, baggage carts or trailers is getting faster and efficient in supermarkets, factories, hospitals or airports.
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Подробное описание

Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198
Characteristics Manufacturer's type designation T 10 T E10
Drive Battery Battery
Operator type Q (t) 1 1
Load Capacity / ratedload Q (kg) 1000 1000
Rated drawbar pull F (N) 200 200
Wheelbase y (mm) 440 278
Weight Service weight kg 180 62
Axle loading, unladen front/rear kg 70/110 46/16
Tires Polyurethane (PU) Polyurethane (PU)
Tire size,front ? × w (mm) 0100×40 0250×80
Wheels types Tire size,rear ? × w (mm) 0252×88 075×32
Wheels,number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x/2 2x/2
Tread, front b10 (mm) 410 185
Tread, rear b11 (mm) 300 380
Dimensions Height of tiller in drive position min./ max. h14 (mm) 1235 750/1250
Overall length l1 (mm) 736 770
Overall width b1 (mm) 496 460
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 (mm) 35 38
Turning radius Wa (mm) 598 475
Performance Travel speed, laden/ unladen km/h 4.7/4.9 4.2/4.5
Drawbar pull, laden/unladen N 420/- -/ 200
Max. drawbar pull, laden/unladen N 500/- -/ 450
Service brake Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Electric- Motor Drive motor rating S2 60min kW 0.9 0.3
Battery acc. to DIN 43531/ 35/ 36 A, B, C, no no no
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/ Ah 24/85 24Ah
Battery weight kg 50 14
Additional data Type of drive control AC-Speed Control DC-Speed Control
Sound level at driver's ear acc. to EN 12053 dB(A) <70

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